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Samsung Galaxy Gear official

Samsung Galaxy Gear official

Samsung has officially revealed its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, after months of leaks and rumours. The new timepiece packs in a string of impressive features, including message access, video recording and hands-free calling.

Revealed at IFA in Berlin, the watch’s key function is to act as a conduit for core functionality on a Samsung smartphone. It serves up preview messages and notifications of incoming calls, app alerts and emails, meaning you don’t need to fish out your phone every time it goes beep.

If you do reach for your device, the Smart Relay feature will serve up the info on your handset’s screen immediately, so you don’t have to start flicking through menu screens to get what you’re after.

Perhaps the smartest feature, though, is the 1.9 megapixel camera. While that may not sound much, this basic peeper lets you record video memos, which can be saved as texts on a Samsung smartphone. You can also post clips directly to social media, taking the selfie to worrying new levels.

An auto-lock feature kicks in when the Galaxy Gear is more than a metre and a half from your smartphone, while the Find My Device function pairs the devices, making one beep or vibrate when it goes missing.

Fitness, too, is at front and centre, with Samsung’s own specially crafted pedometer app recording distance covered and calories burned.

For now, the Galaxy Gear will only play nice with the newly announced Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1. However, Sammy as planning on making it compatible with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 soon.

Specs-wise, the watch packs in a 1.6-inch display, with a modded version of Google Android keeping things ticking. It’ll launch around the world from September 25th, with the UK expected to get in on the action in October. No prices have been announced but rumours suggest it’ll come in at around £200.

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