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  5. iPhone 5S trumps Samsung Galaxy S4 to be named fastest phone ever

iPhone 5S trumps Samsung Galaxy S4 to be named fastest phone ever

iPhone 5S trumps Samsung Galaxy S4 to be named fastest phone ever

The iPhone 5S has easily outpaced Samsung’s Galaxy S4 to land the title of the fastest smartphone ever, seemingly vindicating lavish claims made for the handset’s 64-bit processor in Apple’s marketing blurb.

Performance tests conducted on behalf of Which? magazine found that the latest flagship from The House of Cupertino is top of the tree when it comes to opening and shutting apps and multi-tasking and generally operates with a more tangible sense of ‘snap’ than its rivals.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c family (official)

In second place was the rather overlooked LG G2. Although a bona-fide specs powerhouse running a 2.26-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, its strong showing has probably surprised more casual tech fans who still associate the company with low-cost Tocco and Cookie touchscreen kits.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which features a quad-core processor that on paper at least is much beefier than the iPhone 5S’s chipset, is sitting a bit less prettily in third.

Other handsets to rank high were the HTC One, iPhone 5C and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini at fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively. In at number seven is the HTC One Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist official

Which? said: “In June of this year we found the iPhone 5 had been eclipsed and that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had seized the number one spot for processor speed. In fact the iPhone 5 languished back in 7th place.

“But Apple is back. New Which? lab tests have revealed that the recently released iPhone 5S has broken all records in our processor benchmarking tests.”

Which's? findings come after LG and Samsung were among a number of phone-makers found to be massaging processor speed test results with special ‘boost modes’ that only activate when the phone detects that a benchmarking app is in use.

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