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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack 16-megapixel camera?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack 16-megapixel camera?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack 16-megapixel camera?

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has been on sale just shy of six months or so now. But already it seems the handset’s maker’s next flagship smartphone is starting to take shape.

Over recent weeks, a slew of reports have attested that the Galaxy S5 will pack iPhone 5S-style biometric security technology. But that it will scan users’ eyeballs and not fingerprints to determine their identity.

Samsung Galaxy S5 mock-up

Depending on who you believe, the S5 is also rumoured to feature a faux-leather, Galaxy Note 3-style back, an aluminium unibody construction and possibly even a flexible display. Oh and could sport the octa-core Exynos processor that some expected to debut in the S4 too.

Today, we’ve been graced with some details about the S5’s camera. And assuming they’re on-point, it sounds like it could be one of its standout features.

According to Unwired View, which picked up the story from ET News, the S5 is almost certain to pack a 16-megapixel camera – up from the 13-megapixel snapper that features on the S4.

What’s less clear is who’ll be making it. The site claims that Samsung’s LSI wing and Sony are competing to get the nod, with obvious benefits and disadvantages either way. Not least the depth of experience with SLRs that Sony would bring.

Assuming Samsung LSI wins out, though, and that’s the most likely outcome if Samsung is trying to keep the phone’s asking price down, the camera will probably pack the ISOCELL and improved image stabilisation technology. Both of which were recently announced by the gadget-maker.


Unwired View

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