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  5. iPhone 5S pips Samsung Galaxy S4 to be named best phone of 2013

iPhone 5S pips Samsung Galaxy S4 to be named best phone of 2013

iPhone 5S pips Samsung Galaxy S4 to be named best phone of 2013

The votes are in. The count is over. And we can announce that the iPhone 5S is the people's choice of the best smartphone of 2013.

In a poll of 9,004 uSwitch Tech users, 27.65% (2,490 people) named Apple’s latest flagship smartphone the finest slab of cellular gold to land this year.

Check the results in full at the foot of the page

That meant the Cupertino tech giant pipped Samsung’s own blockbuster device to the top spot, with the Galaxy S4 overcoming the odd lukewarm review in the tech press to claim a £25.21% share (2,270 votes) and nestle in at second position.

The battle for third place was even more hard-fought. But in the shakedown, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 nicked the bronze medal with 11.78% (1,061 votes).

HTC’s much-garlanded One, which picked up the best design gong at the 2013 uSwitch Tech awards, was fourth with 11.26% (1014). And rounding off the top five with 6.95% (626 votes) was the handset that put Sony back on the map, the Sony Xperia Z1.

htc one red official

But while Apple once again topped the survey, the tidings for the purveyor of iOS-powered kit don’t all augur well. To say the least.

In a reflection of the iPhone 5C’s disappointing reception at cash registers, the mid-range iPhone garnered just 2.14% or 193 votes.

The upshot was that the handset that pre-release hype suggested would surely dramatically swing the smartphone market in Apple’s favour polled fewer votes than even the Nokia Lumia 1020, which nabbed 4.84% (4.84%).

It was also trumped by the Google Nexus 5 with 5.12% (462 votes). That’s notable and not a little worrying for Apple given that the Nexus 5 launched much later and, as is the way with Nexus devices, has only been granted a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it promotional push.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: "These results speak volumes as to both the enduring popularity of the iPhone, as well as the hugely positive reaction from customers to the Galaxy S4.

"Critics might have found the S4 packed with gimmicks rather than must-have features, but sales have been massive and – in conjunction with a strong phablet sequel in the Note 3 - taken Samsung from strength to strength in 2013.

"An interesting point to note is the relatively lacklustre showing from Apple’s iPhone 5C, with its premium pricing unexpectedly making the 5S more appealing as a luxury device.

"Whilst the flagship effort topped sales charts and polls alike, a modest placing for the iPhone 5C shows that Apple still has a way to go in courting the trendsetters of tomorrow."

Best of smartphone of 2013 poll results

  • 1) iPhone 5S
  • 2) Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 3) Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • 4) HTC One
  • 5) Sony Xperia Z1
  • 6) Google Nexus 5
  • 7) Nokia Lumia 1020
  • 8) iPhone 5C
  • 9) Nokia Lumia 920
  • 10) BlackBerry Z1
  • 11) BlackBerry Q10
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