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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack flexible screen?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack flexible screen?

Samsung Galaxy S5 to pack flexible screen?

Samsung is planning to follow-up the curved display-packing Galaxy Round with the first commercially available smartphone with a flexible screen, sources have revealed.

Insiders cited by Bloomberg claim that the handset will feature a radical three-sided screen that means owners can read messages from angles that would ordinarily make this impossible.

Samsung logo on glass

The screen will use the same Youm technology, which swaps glass for plastic as a key part of its construction, as the Galaxy Round and may feature in the next iteration of Samsung’s Note range or in the Galaxy S6.

However, with much undecided it seems there’s also a chance that Samsung could save the three-sided display for a completely new range of smartphones rather than take a risk with what is untried tech with some of its most established handset brands.

That seems a lot more likely to us, given Samsung’s tentatively taken decision to test the water with the Round by only releasing it in its domestic market of South Korea.

A concrete due date wasn’t forthcoming from the business site’s sources, who were only able to disclose that they expect the flexible screen-equipped smartphone to drop some time next year.

samsung galaxy round official 2

Chatter around Samsung’s plans comes amid rumours that Apple is also developing handsets with curved screens for release some time next year.

Unlike the Galaxy Round, whose screens curve upwards on either side, and the LG Flex, which curves up at the top and bottom, Apple’s efforts are thought to feature displays that curve downwards at the edges.



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