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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hits 10m sales

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hits 10m sales

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has racked up 10 million sales, providing yet more proof - as if more proof is necessary - that phablets have finally shed any remaining vestige of being niche, faddish gadgets to become bona-fide mass-market devices.

The third edition of the Note reached the 10 million milepost in 60 days. That’s faster than its two predecessors, which dropped in 2011 and 2012 respectively and are credited with inventing the market for larger smartphones-cum-tablets.

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However, the fastest-selling Samsung effort remains the Galaxy S4. The phone-maker’s latest flagship smartphone overcame the PR meltdown of its official launch event on Broadway and a smattering of lukewarm reviews to hit 10 million sales in 50 days.

To remind us of its legacy and tip us the wink that it was making phones way back when Apple products were still a cult concern, Samsung has also compiled a timeline of all its handsets to pass the 10-million mark, stretching back to 2002’s T100 and the SGH-E700.

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Both of which, of couse, now look impossibly rudimentary nowadays and appear closer to a Peppa Pig-branded toy phone than something an adult would carry around.

Samsung’s evocation of its past comes ahead of a busy schedule early in 2014. Depending on which tech tattletales you believe, the first few months of the year could see the release of the Galaxy Gear 2, the Galaxy S5 and a slimmed down edition of the Galaxy Note 3.

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