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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite dropping February at MWC 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite dropping February at MWC 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite dropping February at MWC 2014

A more pocket-friendly edition of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will tip up next year, rumours suggest, as the phone-maker brings its mania for issuing multiple iterations of handsets to its top-end phablet range.

Sources cited by Sam Mobile claim that the so-called Galaxy Note 3 Lite, which is presumed to pack a slimmer dimensions and a less extensive feature set, is scheduled to debut at Mobile World Congress in February. Or, more likely given Samsung’s past form, at a showcase event on the eve of the main event.

samsung galaxy note 3 multi-view

According to the site’s insiders, the Note 3 Lite will drop in black and white colour options. However, anything in the way of spec-sheet details wasn’t forthcoming, it seems.

That said, it’s a safe bet to assume that as well as a lower-grade and smaller screen, the handset will feature a less brawny processor and possibly a less impressive camera.

As with other Samsung Lite/Mini editions, though, we think you’ll still get the full range of user interface tweaks and software features that are on board flagship Galaxy smartphones and the range’s defining S-Pen stylus.

That means the likes of Action Memo, which lets you scribble down a phone number and call it without having to type it in, will almost certainly be present and correct.

Assuming the report is based in fact, it’s fast shaping up to be a busy start to 2014 for Samsung.

Mooted product launches in the early period of the year include a sequel to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the first quarter and the Galaxy S5 around the same time.


Sam Mobile

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