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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t launch early, but Note 4 might, says analyst

Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t launch early, but Note 4 might, says analyst

Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t launch early, but Note 4 might, says analyst

Fevered speculation that Samsung will rip up its release schedule and debut the Galaxy S5 during the first quarter is ill-founded, one of the smartphone sector’s most entertaining, least circumspect analysts claims.

In recent weeks, tech sites have reported that the Galaxy S5 could land as early as February, possibly at Mobile World Congress (MWC). That’s two months or so ahead of schedule, going by Samsung’s previous form.

If we believe what we're told, the shift has been engendered by the need to offset slow sales for the Galaxy S4, which was arguably the least well received of the Galaxy S series so far.

However, it seems that’s not a theory that rings true for Mobile Review editor and industry-watcher Eldar Murtazin, who revealed on Twitter that his intelligence points to an April launch date.

Never afraid to break from the consensus, Murtazin also claims that, in fact, the Note 3 is the Samsung handset that’s more likely to be brought forward. New editions of Samsung’s phablet usually tip up in August or September.

Alas, he doesn't mention a new date. But it certainly makes sense for Samsung to change, especially given that the late-summer period is now firmly demarcated as the months when new iPhones break cover.

How much to read into Eldar’s comments is a moot point. After, all he’s been wrong about a fair bit over the years. And it's not unreasonable to say his approach to forecasting the future feels more than a little scattergun.

But in his favour, he's also the man who predicted the Nokia-Microsoft agreement when the notion of a commercial union between the companies was being dismissed as unthinkable by other, more conservative heads. And he's got his fair share of other predictions spot-on too.

Our advice? File the rumour under ‘interesting’ for now and keep your eye on his Twitter updates as we get nearer to MWC.



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