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Samsung poaches Apple retail guru

Samsung poaches Apple retail guru

Samsung has swooped in for the services of one of Apple’s key retail executives, with the Korean company aiming to make further inroads into Cupertino’s once dominant position in the smartphone and tablet space.

Tim Gudgel, who worked at Apple for five years as one of its senior retail store designers, will apparently be put to work on pushing Samsung’s retail presence in the United States. Sammy is plotting 1,400 store–within–store spaces at Best Buy outlets throughout the US.

Gudgel is believed to be one of the architects behind Apple’s striking, glass–fronted store in the Upper West Side of New York City. He follows Michael Forrest, another former Apple retail staffer who has ended up working for Samsung.

With Samsung desperate to keep up the pressure on Apple, despite losing a series of key, patent–related court cases against Tim Cook and co, it’s likely more new stores will be revealed in the future.

Microsoft has attempted to take on Apple in the retail space, but has so far failed to capture the attention of consumers. With its massive marketing budget and slew of impressive products, Samsung may not have the same problem.

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