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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5: new photos of revamped, Windows Phone-style UI leak online

Samsung Galaxy S5: new photos of revamped, Windows Phone-style UI leak online

Samsung Galaxy S5: new photos of revamped, Windows Phone-style UI leak online

Fresh images of a revamped user interface for Samsung smartphones have emerged on the internet, adding weight to chatter that the Galaxy S5 will swap TouchWiz for a completely new, more visual and more ‘alive’ custom skin.

Posted by the ubergrappenfuhrer of mobile spy shots, @evleaks, the snaps show a homescreen that eschews rows of apps and puts photographs front and centre. As anyone who has used an HTC phone recently will be able to discern, it’s an approach that’s not a million miles from the Taiwanese phone-maker’s BlinkFeed custom skin.

The design dons behind the rethought TouchWiz also seem to have taken inspiration from the live tiles of Windows Phone.

That means users will be likely be served a stream of germane, customisable information to their homescreen. Think: your sports team’s results, updates from social networking services and news streams you’re interested in.

And clearly not satisfied with copping moves from those two UI’s, Samsung has clearly gone for the triple by biting a bit off Google Now too.

The upshot of this is that the tiles also furnish users with handy gen such as travel information to help you get home on your commute.

Possibly less welcome on your homescreen, though, will be unbidden info from your favourite quantified self apps, such as reminders about runs you’ve committed to go on.

That said, if fitness is your thing, we’re sure this will tie in neatly with the sports apps that are being tipped to feature on the fifth-generation Galaxy S smartphone. Most likely alongside an M7-style chip from the iPhone 5S that’s capable of tracking fitness and distances more accurately.

samsung galaxy s4 airview

Pictorial evidence for Samsung’s plans comes ahead of the Galaxy S5’s putative release in March or April.

Rumours that surfaced last week suggest it’ll also showcase enhanced gesture controls and an improved version of the AirView ‘hovering-finger’ interface that debuted on the Galaxy S4.

According to reports, this will enable the screen to register touchless inputs from further away and clear the way for users to access more complex features without pressing on the display.



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