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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 to get ‘enhanced gesture controls’, improved Air View

Samsung Galaxy S5 to get ‘enhanced gesture controls’, improved Air View

Samsung Galaxy S5 to get ‘enhanced gesture controls’, improved Air View

Samsung’s stated aim to go ‘back to basics’ with the Galaxy S5 doesn’t mean it’s ditching often-maligned touch-free, gesture-controlled features such as Air View and SmartScreen, it seems.

Despite Samsung’s insistence to the contrary, it’s thought the Galaxy S4 failed to meet - admittedly pretty huge - sales expectations.

Along with disappointingly incremental improvements to the S5's spec-sheet, the profusion of fussy UI tweaks, such as the handset’s ability to register inputs from fingers without users actually having to touch the screen, were deemed partly to blame for its lukewarm reception.

However, rather than jettison these novelty additions, Samsung instead plans to retain them for its next flagship and improve them.

According to ETNews, Synaptics, which developed the Galaxy S4’s floating-finger input tech, has been working on more advanced version that allows S5 owners to place their digits further from the screen while using the hovering UI features Air Gestures and Air View.

It’s thought that this could mean you’ll be able to do more with touch-free gestures and access more complex functions. On the Galaxy S4, you were largely restricted to simple features such as previewing a photo.

samsung galaxy s5 mock

ET News also claims the tech could make its way to the Note range. However, in the case of Samsung phablet line, it will also clear the way for what it describes as more “elaborate writing” with the Note’s trademark stylus.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of this, but it sounds like it’ll recognise more precise writing.

Samsung is expected to debut the S5 in March or April, possibly alongside a new edition of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.


ET News

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