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Samsung in 2014: the behemoth that will not be stopped

Samsung in 2014: the behemoth that will not be stopped

Samsung’s not going to let a few reverses in legal wrangles and predictable slowing of profits dampen its spirits after the stellar year it had in 2013.

After all, while US and Korean judges may have found in Apple’s favour in the latest round of arguments over smartphone patents, there’s no denying the fact that things look very rosy indeed.

In the period from July to September the company made a colossal £4.5 billion, largely off the back of extremely impressive smartphone and tablet sales.

In the light of those record earnings, the 18% dip in profits in the last quarter and weaker-than-expected sales of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Galaxy Round flexible phone shouldn’t dampen the feeling of optimism around the company.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

That’s because, as well as being the biggest smartphone-maker in the world, Samsung is showing that it can innovate with the best of them.

Rest assured, this is something Apple will be looking on with growing concern. And now, as the year comes to a close, it has poached Tim Gudgel, Apple’s top retail store designer.

A man who’s worked for the legendary architect Frank Gehry, Gudgel will be charged with taking the fight to Apple on the high street.

tim gudgel

And with the kind of financial muscle Samsung has, it’d be a fool who'd best against them having great success.

There are, of course, some small issues. Is Samsung getting too big, just like Nokia did before its spectacular late noughties collapse?

There are no signs of that yet, but you can be sure its board will be keeping a careful eye on the entire marketplace as it tries to manage expectations.

And what of its relationship with Google?

Rumours emerged earlier this year that Samsung was looking to ditch the Big G and go it alone with its new Tizen OS.

samsung tizen

That’s unlikely in 2014, but new Tizen phones will show us more about its intentions.

If it can get developers on board, something it failed to do with its Bada project, Samsung could have an all–in–one solution to rival Apple and keep Microsoft at bay. It’s hard not to see Samsung having another solid year.

The stage is set for new devices, especially the Galaxy S5 and it will doubtless be relentless in offering variants of its handsets.

That may look odd when Apple only has three phones on sale, but it’s an approach that has helped Samsung become top dog in the smartphone space.

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