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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5: price and networks guide and where to buy it

Samsung Galaxy S5: price and networks guide and where to buy it

Samsung Galaxy S5: price and networks guide and where to buy it

When the Galaxy S5 sashayed into the spotlight at Mobile World Congress (MWC) and it became apparent Samsung had heeded feedback from the public, industry watchers and tech fans breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Gone were the justifiably maligned novelties of the Galaxy S4 (CF: half-baked eyeball-tracking features such as SmartScreen).

In their place was a substantially upgraded smartphone, with a lavish camera with 4K video recording, a higher-res, bigger screen, more pixel-pushing brawn and fingerprint security.

And in keeping with the mania for quantified-self apps, fitness tracking smarts are on board too, alongside tight integration with the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch.

While it’s too early to say how the phone will fare, the initial signs point to a major win when it hits shop shelves on April 11th.

Carphone Warehouse announced that its pre-registration scheme received 130% more sign-ups than the S4. And in the US, T-Mobile has racked up 300,000 would-be owners for its own early-bird promo.

So amid the inevitable sales stampede and stock shortages, how best to make sure you don’t miss out? Which networks are carrying the Galaxy S5? And on what kind of tariffs?

Are any colours exclusive to some carriers? And are retailers offering any sweeteners you need to know about?

Here, we’ll try and answer all those questions. And much more besides.

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

samsung galaxy s5 gold detail

Vodafone is offering the Galaxy S5 for free from £47 per month, with unlimited texts and calls and 2GB of 4G data. Or if you don't mind paying £169 upfront, you can secure it for £34 per month, with allowances of 300 minutes, 250GB of data and unlimited texts.

The network's key USP is that for the first 30 days from the start of pre-orders on the 28th of March, it's the sole network with the rights to sell the gold edition.

Given the current vogue for blingy phones and the mega sales of the gold iPhone 5S, that's quite a coup.

EE Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

samsung galaxy s5 colour range

The UK carrier with the most extensive 4G network will sell you a Galaxy S5 for £37.99 per month, with unlimited texts and calls. And if you pre-order the phone ahead of the October 11th street date, you also get 4GB of 4G mobile internet use every month with EE's pledge to double data alowances for early-bird customers.

EE Galaxy S5 buyers also get use of the carrier’s two-for-one cinema and pizza promo: the scheme formerly known as Orange Wednesdays.

The phone will not be landing on EE’s sub-brands Orange or T-Mobile, with would-be buyers being directed to EE's site to buy the handset.


EE is set to go live with S5 pre-orders from March 28th.

O2 Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

samsung galaxy s5 fitness

Choose the alphanumerical carrier and you can nab a Galaxy S5 for £38 per month, plus £69.99 per month. Monthly allowances on this plan are 2GB of data and unlimited texts and calls.

Want it for free? In that case, expect to shell out at least £48 per month for allowances of 5GB of data and limitless calls and texts.

O2’s big sell is its suite of customer extras. Think: O2 Priority ticket booking and the O2 Rewards scheme, both of which will be included when you sign up for the S5.

Three Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

samsung galaxy s5 cat

Three is selling the S5 from £38 per month and £69 upfront for 600 minutes and 2GB per month and unlimited texts. But if you want all your can eat data, minutes and texts, you'll be asked to shell out £44 per month, with the same one-off charge to offset the cost of the handset.

Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

Carphone Warehouse is also on board with the Galaxy S5, with deals up for grabs across the full gamut of carriers. Contracts are in line those offered directly with carriers. But there are some nice £100-cashback sweeteners to be had, as well as one-month's free insurance.

Rival retailer Phones 4U, which also owns Dialaphone, is offering the handset from £42.99 per month. EE (inc. T-Mobile and Orange) and Vodafone contracts are available, but you won't be able to pick it up on O2.

Phones 4U's sweetener for would-be buyers is a free, one-year membership to the Gourmet Society.

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