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  5. A Samsung Galaxy 7” smartphone? That’s just too big

A Samsung Galaxy 7” smartphone? That’s just too big

A Samsung Galaxy 7” smartphone? That’s just too big

Ever since the first Samsung Galaxy Note loomed over the horizon back in 2011, phones have been getting bigger.

But now Samsung has taken the biscuit when it comes to massive mobiles.

It’s rumoured to be working on a 7-inch Galaxy Mega. 7 inches. That’s the same size as the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Such a device would be impossible to use with one hand. It also wouldn’t fit in a pocket, meaning you’d have to carry a bag around especially for it.

In short, it’s not a phone. It’s a small tablet that can make phone calls.

The idea of anyone using it as their main device boggles the mind. But the show-offs will lap it up.

Samsung Galaxy Mega black official

This kind of one-upmanship isn’t exclusive to phones, but it is quite common to see men comparing their mobiles to see whose is biggest (and therefore best, in their minds at least).

Sort of like the “That’s not a knife, this is a knife” scene in Crocodile Dundee.

Some people have to have the biggest phone, just as they have to have the biggest car, most expensive shoes, and all the rest.

But often they don’t stop to look at what they’re buying.

Let’s look at the specs of the 7-inch Galaxy Mega – and I must stress, these are just rumoured, so they’re not official.

Nexus 7 Google official

That 7-inch screen only has a 720p resolution. That’s much lower than the Nexus 7’s 1,920x1,200-pixel screen.

Samsung devices like the Galaxy S5 usually have beautiful displays, but I can’t see this 720p model impressing anyone.

The 8-megapixel camera on the back has been outdone by pretty much every other flagship recently.

And it’ll be all the worse if it has Samsung’s Selective Focus feature – this lets you change the focus on a photo after you’ve taken it, but you have to enable the mode before your start shooting. Which is a real pain.

It’s not even that fast. Rumours peg the processor speed at 1.2GHz – that’s nothing compared to the S5’s 2.5GHz chip. The 1.5GB of RAM also pales next to the Galaxy Note 3’s 3GB.

In other words, it’s a mid-range device that’s been blown up to twice its natural size.

samsung galaxy s5 v iphone 5s front on

I don’t have a problem with phones getting bigger. The iPhone 5S looks tiny nowadays. And some of the screens on these larger flagships are absolutely gorgeous.

But there has to be a trade-off between size and usability.

Personally, I find the 4.7-inch screen on my Nexus 4 a bit of a stretch, with my thumb often struggling to reach to top-left corner.

Anything over 5 inches is getting ridiculous, so seven? Forget it. You’re in clown phone territory.

Samsung has past form when it comes to experimenting with device sizes. It takes the ‘throw enough sizes at a wall and see what sticks’ approach.

That means it has more models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab than I can keep track of.

Someone must be buying them. But when it comes to a 7-inch phone, you can count me

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