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  5. Apple v. Samsung: Juror claims consumer is ‘loser’

Apple v. Samsung: Juror claims consumer is ‘loser’

Apple v. Samsung: Juror claims consumer is ‘loser’

The foreman of the jury in the latest Apple v. Samsung legal case has claimed that the seemingly never–ending legal tussle between the two is bad for end users.

Thomas Dunham, who used to work as a supervisor at IBM, led a jury which handed Apple just shy of $120 million in damages at the most recent round of the global fight between two of tech’s biggest players.

Apple vs Samsung

The jury found that Samsung had wilfully breached a number of the patents up for discussion in the California court.

Dunham, however, told local press he feels that "ultimately, the consumer is the loser in all this” and called for the two sides to “find a way to settle.”

Such a scenario already seems unlikely. Samsung is readying an appeal to a higher court in order to have its damages cut, while Apple is said to be priming a similar move, albeit to demand more money for the theft of its intellectual property.

Dunham also claimed Apple should be looking to take on Google, after it was revealed that the Android-maker had struck a deal to compensate Samsung if it was found guilty of breaching another set of patents.

He said: “If they really feel Google is the cause behind this, then don’t beat about the bush.”

That suggests a battle royale between Apple and Google. Patent case watchers would doubtless shudder at the prospect.



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