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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: Is this the flagship Samsung should have already released?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: Is this the flagship Samsung should have already released?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime: Is this the flagship Samsung should have already released?

Unleashing myriad versions of one product is nothing new for Samsung.

Last year’s Galaxy S4 came in so many shapes and sizes that even battle hardened mobile watchers struggled to keep track of what device did what.

Fast forward a year and Samsung is taking the same approach. A Galaxy S5 Mini is incoming, as is a Galaxy S5 Active.

But surely the most intriguing is the Galaxy S5 Prime. Yes, Samsung is releasing a fancy version of its flagship device, just weeks after the S5 proper hit shelves.

Leaks suggest it’ll come with an aluminium design, improved screen and faster processor, all underpinned by the very latest version of Android KitKat.

That all seems fair enough, although it begs the question, would you have shelled out for an S5 knowing the S5 Prime was being readied?

samsung galaxy s5 prime leak 2

The chances are most consumers won’t be too impressed and with good reason. The S5 should really have had a metal design, seeing as that’s what all its key rivals offer.

That hiccup has seen one senior Samsung designer pay with his job and it seems Sammy has quickly realised the error of its ways.

But when a top end phone costs the best part of £600 SIM free, who really wants a prime version?

The contract costs promise to be prohibitive and only the cash rich will fork over for something so expensive up front.

Samsung is by no means alone. HTC is working on a One M8 Prime with waterproof features and a bigger screen.

Of course, both want to offer as much choice as possible.

htc one m8 rob camera 20

But these aren’t cheaper models, just improved versions that should really have been released as the headline product in the first place.

Until now, variations on smartphones have tended to be cheaper, smaller and less well specced in order to keep costs down.

But as saturation point is reached, so phone makers are trying new ways to entice customers.

That’s understandable, but surely offering better versions of a phone just weeks on for the initial launch is just plain daft.

Consumers are getting confused by all the choice and the small differences.

htc one m8 vs samsung galaxy s5

Samsung and HTC would have been better off releasing one amazing version of their best phone and leaving it at that.

Smaller models? No problem. But prime ones? A step too far.

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