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Samsung replaces Galaxy designer

Samsung replaces Galaxy designer

Samsung’s head of mobile design, Chang Dong–Hoon, has left the Korean company, after handing in his resignation last week.

Chang’s move comes after his most recent work, the Galaxy S5, was panned for its plasticky looks and cheap feel. Especially when compared to HTC top-end One phones and the iPhone.

Chang’s place has been taken by his number two, vice president for mobile design Lee Min–hyouk. It will be Lee’s job to push the Galaxy brand away from plastic stylings and towards more Apple and HTC–like designs.

While Samsung has not offered any comment on the change, its failure to deliver the rumoured metal chassis model of the Galaxy S5 caused a certain amount of consernation among critics and consumers.

Chang’s removal brings to an end a hugely successful period for the designer. Nicknamed ‘Midas’, he had helped bring the Galaxy range to life and given Samsung the ability to take on and beat Apple at their own game.



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