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Samsung Galaxy F: Five things you need to know

Samsung Galaxy F: Five things you need to know

With a string of devices in the pipeline, from its hyped-up Galaxy Note 4 to its new Tizen–based Z, right now Samsung is hard at it as it tries to maintain its position as number-one mobile-maker.

But the forthcoming Galaxy F is perhaps the most exciting of them all. A whole new category, it promises to be Sammy’s best blower of 2014.

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about this potentially ace newbie.

1 Galaxy S5 replacement?

samsung galaxy s5 cat

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is only three months old.

But word on the web is that the Galaxy F is going to replace the Galaxy S range for good.


Well, for one Sammy is said to be sick of counting ever higher and doesn’t want to offer a sixth iteration of the same phone.

At the same time, the F will let it reset its top end offering, ditching its negative associations of cheap design and high prices.

2 Metal design included

samsung galaxy f leak back front

One of the S5’s biggest failings is its naff plastic design. Samsung’s head designer has already been moved on because of it and the results are clear to see.

The Galaxy F appears to have a brushed metal and black design, not unlike the previously leaked Galaxy S5 Prime, making it far more attractive than its stablemates.

3 Snapdragon 805 included

qualcomm snapdragon 805

Samsung isn’t playing games when it comes to processors. It’s said to be including Qualcomm’s fastest Snapdragon chip, the 805.

That should make this one of the most powerful phones on the planet, giving Sammy the edge as rivals catch up ahead of the vital pre–Christmas period.

4 Asymmetric looks

galaxy f

The latest chatter claims that Samsung is planning on using an asymmetric design with the new Galaxy F.

That means it’ll curve out towards the top.

Whether that means Samsung will include a flexible display is unclear, but it’s already leading in that bendy tech, so such a move wouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

5 Out in September

ifa berlin logo

IFA, the annual Berlin gadget show, is coming up in September. Samsung loves showing off new kit there and this year will be on exception.

It’s generally believed that the Galaxy F will be on show in Germany, alongside the Galaxy Note 4.

Whether that means curtains for the Galaxy S5 remains unclear, but don’t be surprised if this year’s first flagship is given the heave for something altogether fancier.

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