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  5. Apple drops Samsung sales ban request

Apple drops Samsung sales ban request

Apple drops Samsung sales ban request

Apple has given up on its request that a U.S. court ban the sale of 23 Samsung products. The move forms part of a cross appeal relating to a trial two years ago, when Apple was awarded $1 billion in damages for breaches of patents by the Korean tech firm.

The move is no surprise: None of the 23 devices Apple had asked to be pulled from shelves are available to buy today. Instead, it seems Apple may now pursue sales bans of products mentioned in its most recent patent case with Samsung, which it won in May this year.

Apple’s change of tack suggests it may be finally letting go of its complaints against Samsung. It has won every major ruling in a wide–ranging legal tussle, which has been played out in court rooms across the globe.

Samsung is still demanding that the 2012 ruling that it breached Apple patents, while Apple was found to be blameless, be thrown out. This process is likely to prove lengthy and costly.

There had been hopes earlier this year that the fight would be resolved out of court, with the company’s CEOs reportedly meeting face–to–face in order to thrash out a deal. But with Samsung’s profits wobbling and Apple’s iPhone sales remaining impressively steady, it may be that this will peter out completely in the next few months.

Source Electronista

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