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  5. Samsung’s new Galaxy phones: Everything you need to know

Samsung’s new Galaxy phones: Everything you need to know

Samsung’s new Galaxy phones: Everything you need to know

Samsung’s had a busy week. And then some.

Yesterday, the Korean company has pulled the wrappers off five new Galaxy smartphones, as it looks to boost sales ahead of the hype and hoopla around Apple’s expected iPhone 6 launch in September.

The new handsets range from impressive, higher–end smarties to more affordable, entry–level efforts.

All pack Android KitKat, though, and use Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface.

Read on and we’ll take you through each of Sammy’s five new efforts.

1 Galaxy S5 Mini

samsung galaxy s5 mini

The leading light of Samsung’s new bunch, the just showcased Galaxy S5 Mini is, unsurprisingly, a stripped back version of the excellent Galaxy S5.

That means it has a slightly smaller, 4.5–inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720.

There’s an eight megapixel camera, but best of all, it packs in the same fingerprint recognition tech as its bigger bro, as well as being IP67 certified.

That means it’s water and dust proof too.

Chuck in 4G support and this promises to be an excellent bet for those who want a top–end phone without paying top whack. Official prices are yet to be revealed.

2 Galaxy Core II

samsung galaxy core 2 side

The Core II has the same–size 4.5–inch screen as the swanky S5 Mini, but its resolution is a less eyeball–appealing WVGA 800 x 480.

That said, you still get a five megapixel camera, latest Android KitKat software, a quad–core processor and HSPA+ tech for speedy data access.

There’s only 4GB of storage space, but this can be pushed on by 64GB thanks to the wonders of microSD.

3 Galaxy Ace 4

samsung galaxy ace 4

The Galaxy Ace 4 has a bit of a calling card. See, as well as a standard HSPA+ version, Samsung is also offering a model toting 4G.

That’s hugely impressive for what is essentially an entry level smartphone, albeit it one that has KitKat, a five megapixel camera and 4–inch WVGA screen.

If you want a smartphone that can do things at lightning speed and won’t leave you penniless, the Galaxy Ace 4 is for you.

4 Galaxy Young 2

samsung galaxy young 2 double

The Young 2’s name is a bit of a giveaway. This is most definitely a phone for the kids. Or rather, the kid who keeps hassling you for a smartphone.

It has a rather low–res 480x320 3.5–inch screen, but still manages to come with all the latest Samsung services such as ChatON and HD Voice.

Its key feature, though, is Dual SIM tech, marking out as a winner for smartphone newbies in developing markets too.

5 Galaxy Star 2

samsung galaxy star 2

As basic as a smartphone as you’re likely to find. But that’s really the whole point. Although pricing isn’t official, the Star 2 is set to be a very good deal.

Its screen and two-megapixel camera won’t win any awards, but its Dual SIM tech and HD video recording smarts are sure to help it stand out from the crowd.

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