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  5. Samsung in crisis: 5 things that can turn its fortunes around

Samsung in crisis: 5 things that can turn its fortunes around

Samsung in crisis: 5 things that can turn its fortunes around

Samsung is in big trouble. Profits are down a massive 25% year–on–year and 15% compared to the previous quarter

Its global smartphone market share has dipped to 25% from 32% in the same period in 2013.

Throw in the impending arrival of Apple’s iPhone 6 and an increasingly impressive of rival devices released by everyone from LG to Huawei, and it’s hard to see how Sammy is going to get out of this and regain its place as the mobile world’s most dominant force.

But all is not lost. Not yet, anyway. Here are five things that can help it turn things around.

1 Galaxy Note 4

samsung galaxy note 4 concept

So much is invested in the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4.

The handset is due to take a bow on September 3rd, just as the annual IFA tech show gets underway in Berlin.

With a promise of an improved screen, better camera and, most importantly, a metal design, Samsung is hoping that this handset can help it claw back some market share and garner better reviews than its Galaxy S5, which received a lukewarm reception when it landed in spring.

2 Galaxy F

samsung galaxy f galaxy s5

It’s not just the Galaxy Note 4 that Samsung needs to do well.

The hyped Galaxy F is said to be its replacement for the plasticky S5 and has been touted for months.

Word is it’ll feature a tweaked, brushed metal design that will make it as desirable as the HTC One (M8) and Apple’s current iPhone 5s.

But if talk of delays is true, that could spell trouble. Samsung needs this to come out alongside the Galaxy Note 4, beating Apple’s iPhone 6 to the punch.

3 An end to its Apple legal battle

Samsung vs Apple collision

To outsiders, it remains a source of bafflement that Apple and Samsung’s long lasting legal tussle has not come to an end.

Samsung has now lost two key cases: one this spring and another in 2012 when it was ordered to pay $1 billion in damages.

There’s no two ways about it, it’s lost. So now is the time to sit down with the other side, thrash out a deal and get focused on making world beating tech again.

4 Stop hedging its bets

Galaxy Family 2

Samsung has become a huge concern in the past few years. And the ultimate expression of that has been the utterly confusing number of devices it releases.

Variations on the Galaxy theme have become so hard to distinguish that it’s easy to see why consumers are confused and perhaps want something different.

A more streamlined approach, with a smaller roster of targeted devices would surely serve it better.

5 Cut back on marketing

samsung galaxy s4 launch 2

To be fair to Samsung, it has already said it’s going to slash spending on ads and marketing, largely because it’s not sustainable at current levels.

Its brand awareness is huge globally, so its current splurge on commercials and celeb tie–ins isn’t strictly necessary.

The Korean company needs to take a smarter approach to talking up its products, eschewing cringeworthy stunts and average tag lines and letting the tech do the talking.

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