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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Curved screen phone unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Curved screen phone unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Curved screen phone unveiled

Along with unveiling the much–hyped Galaxy Note 4 at the IFA show, Samsung has revealed another version of its phablet, the Galaxy Note Edge.

The new take on Samsung’s capacious handset has one major calling card – a bent display.

But make no mistake: this isn’t a curved phone along the lines of Samsung's Galaxy Round from 2013. Rather, the right hand side bends down.

When used in landscape mode, this area of the screen becomes a kind of notification bar. But takes on another functions depending on which apps are open. Think: pause/play and rewind buttons when watching video; weather information; or a news ticker.

Interestingly, Samsung said it’s going to release an SDK to developers, allowing them access to this unique screen and letting them tweak it so they can add functionality to third-party apps.

Users can swipe up to see settings, down to get a tool bar for accessing the phone’s clock, voice recorder and torch functions, among others.

samsung galaxy edge official

There are games and personalisation tools too, with the latter powered by Yahoo and learning your interests and habits as you go.

Samsung says it’ll also prevent any interruptions on your main screen when watching videos or handling email, with messages and notifications appearing along the curved part of the display.

You can also have it resting on its side and acting as a clock on your bedside table, so you don’t need to lift up your phone to check the time.

It has many of the same specs as its Galaxy Note 4 stablemate, with a 16-megapixel camera, quad-core processor and 16GB and 32GB models available.

There’s no word on price, which should be high considering the unique nature of the screen, with the Galaxy Note Edge due out in the next few months.

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