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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge denied a UK release?

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge denied a UK release?

Samsung won’t be making the Galaxy Note Edge available in the UK it seems, despite the indecent amount of drooling the handset’s radical form factor picked up on tech blogs.

Unveiled earlier this month at the IFA expo, the Note Edge features an edged display that effectively becomes a secondary display. Depending on what you’re doing it changes function, doubling at times as a notifications bar and at others as a home for media player controls.

Dubbed ‘super-sexy’ by no less an authority than former-liege of leaks Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), the handset also picked up four stars from pretty much every site that spent time with it.

But in news to sadden anyone piqued by the increasing homogenity of smartphone design, it seems that isn’t enough to convince Samsung that the Note Edge could have genuiine mass appeal.

According to SIM-free smartphone specialists Clove, the phone is being denied a UK release at launch, which is due in mid-October.

Whether that'll change in time is a moot point, but we'd be very surprised if Samsung opted to grant the phone a release later.

Clove stated: “We've had the unfortunate news from UK distribution that the Galaxy Note Edge will not be coming to the UK at launch.

“We will be doing our best to source non-UK stock for those that are interested in ordering however.”

No reason is given for the decision, but one factor may have been that network support was thin on the ground due to the Note Edge’s comparatively high price compared with the standard model.

Weaker-than-expected sales for the S.Korea-only Galaxy Round, which featured an ostensibly game-changing curved screen, may also have meant networks shunned the Note Edge on the grounds it was too unconventional to sell in large numbers.



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