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  5. Samsung Gear VR headset shown off at IFA

Samsung Gear VR headset shown off at IFA

Samsung Gear VR headset shown off at IFA

Fresh from showing off the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Gear S smartwatch, Samsung has detailed plans for a new virtual reality headset.

Dubbed the Gear VR, it works in conjunction with the Note 4 to deliver a unique viewing experience that many rivals are still struggling to get to market.

The Gear VR has a special slot across the top of its headset where you can attach the Note 4.

A USB plug hooks the two devices up and turns the 5.7–inch screen on the phone into the equivalent of a 175–inch display. This promises to make for a hugely immersive experience.

A dial on top can be adjusted to focus the view properly, meaning those with hefty prescriptions fof specs can get in on the action too.

An accelerometer and gyrometer help track head movements and there’s a 96º field of vision, not far short of the Oculus VR set seen earlier this year.

Oculus has partnered with Samsung to develop the software for the Gear VR.

Samsung says it plans on partnering with a number of content providers to deliver games and cinematic experience for the Gear VR.

Sales are due to start later this year, making this the first commercially available headset of a new generation. Facebook’s Oculus and Sony’s Project Morpheus are still some way from completion.

Samsung is yet to say how much the Gear VR will cost, so we suggest you get saving.

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