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  5. Samsung mocks Apple iPhone 6 launch in new adverts

Samsung mocks Apple iPhone 6 launch in new adverts

Samsung mocks Apple iPhone 6 launch in new adverts

As anyone who tuned in to Tuesday night's Apple iPhone 6 announcement will tell you, the live stream was far from perfect. It frequently cut out, lost sound, and was beset by other assorted problems.

In response, and with no little degree of predictability, Samsung has today responded by mocking Apple's supposed incompetence in a whole series of adverts, starting with the live stream.

The ad shows two people in t-shirts very similar to those sported by staff at Apple's Genius Bar.

One is stuttering, and the other says: "You can't handle a live stream? You work in technology and you can't handle this?"

The next sees the two getting excited about a bigger screen, before realising that most phones have big screens nowadays.

iphone 6 v samsung galaxy s5

The others mock Apple's lack of multitasking windows and stylus support, slow charging, and the fact that the Apple Watch relies on having an iPhone to work.

Obviously, Samsung comes up trumps in each of the ads. Unfortunately, the reviews don't quite bear this out.

Samsung's mobile devices always do well, but for this scribe they're not a patch on Apple's design-wise.

The removable backs of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 especially feel cheap and tacky.

The Galaxy S5 Mini also has some design flaws, most notably the fact you can feel it vibrate through the speaker on the back with every button press.

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