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Samsung Galaxy S6: Five things we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S6: Five things we know so far

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 isn’t due to land into well into 2015.

But thanks to some rather juicy leaks, the biggest details about Sammy’s forthcoming flagship phone are already well known.

Will it be able to best this year’s somewhat lacklustre Galaxy S5? And can it help Samsung get itself out of the doldrums after a disastrous 2015?

Read on, check out the latest gossip and judge for yourself.

1 Huge, hi–res screen

samsung galaxy s5 mini sensor

The Galaxy S6’s screen is expected to clock in at 5.5–inches, larger than the 5.1–inch effort found on this year’s Galaxy S5, and officially making Samsung’s flagship a phablet.

According to leaked specs from a benchmark test conducted on a device believed to be the Galaxy S6, the phone will feature a so–called Quad HD screen, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution.

That will put it up against major rival LG’s superb G3, for our money one of 2014’s best smartphones.

2 New Qualcomm processor

qualcomm snapdragon 805

The same benchmark stats that served up gossip on the Galaxy S6’s screen also suggest that the handset will pack an octa–core processor.

This is no surprise, as Samsung often puts one of these lightning quick chips in certain Asian variants of its handsets.

However, European and US editions are likely to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 quad–core chipset, a component which is apparently being prepped for 2015’s best handsets right now.

3 All-metal

samsung galaxy alpha detail

Samsung’s woeful, plastic design for its Galaxy S5 led to its chief mobile designer leaving the company and sales of the handset struggling to match those of previous iterations.

Rumours have it that Samsung will finally release an all–metal Galaxy S handset next year, especially as its new Galaxy A series already takes that approach.

This year’s Galaxy Note 4, with metal frame and leather–effect rear panel, may give the biggest clue about what we can expect.

4 New cameras

samsung galaxy s5 gold detail

Both cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S6 are due for an overhaul.

The main, rear shooter is likely to make the jump from 16 megapixels on the S5 to 20 megapixels on the S6, putting it in line with Sony’s current Xperia Z handsets.

Gossip also points to the front–facing camera making the move to five megapixels, in keeping with the Galaxy Note 4’s effort.

That would allow Samsung to continue to push its ‘selfie phone’ line, which it has been talking up since the release of the aforementioned Note 4.

5 A moveable release date

2015 calendar

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date isn’t set in stone, but is likely to fall in spring next year.

Word is that Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon chip has hit the skids and may cause the S6, and other phones, to be delayed.

Samsung will also want to make sure it gets this release right, especially as its finances have been a mess in 2014.

One more failure and it really will be in crisis mode.

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