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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 96% of devices returned in US

samsung galaxy note 7 with box

Samsung has confirmed that 96% of all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in the United States (US) have been returned, in the wake of the 'exploding battery' furore that led to the phone being withdrawn from sale.

The news means that the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), has lifted a requirement for airlines to demand passengers notify crew if they are carrying a Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung rolled out software in the US towards the end of 2016 which prevented the Galaxy Note 7 from charging.

In Europe, the Korean company has limited the battery charge to stop batteries exploding. It also made the same move in its home country, after concerns that rendering devices unusable would cause uproar among consumers.

Samsung was forced to discontinue its flagship smartphone in September last year, after a series of explosions caused by faulty batteries.

It saw its share price slide in the wake of the debacle.

With the Galaxy Note 7 now consigned to history, Samsung is set to reveal its new Galaxy S8 later this year.

The device is said to have a dual lens camera and improved fingerprint scanning tech.



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