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Galaxy Note 7: Samsung to prevent discontinued device from charging

samsung galaxy note 7 with box

Samsung will issue a new over–the–air update for its discontinued Galaxy Note 7, preventing owners from charging the device.

It marks the final move by Samsung to stop owners from using a device which was afflicted by exploding batteries, leading the company to first recall and then completely stop the sale of its leading smartphone.

Ever since the debacle last September, Samsung has been limiting the battery charge of the Galaxy Note 7 via a number of software upgrades. In the United States, networks have also been preventing users from charging the phone.

This latest update is aimed primarily at users in Samsung’s home territory of South Korea, where it says 97% of users have returned their Galaxy Note 7.

Following a long series of investigations, Samsung revealed in January that faulty batteries caused the Galaxy Note 7 to explode, with the phones not having a large enough housing for the power pack.

It has recently been suggested that the device could be rereleased with a smaller battery, allowing Samsung a chance to recycle the millions of devices it still has stockpiled.

Next week sees Samsung launch its new Galaxy S8, which has been delayed in order to ensure it does not suffer from the same issues.


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