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Is Samsung about to ditch ‘obsolete’ fingerprint scanners?


Samsung’s commitment to the ubiquitous smartphone fingerprint scanner appears to be waning.

Or at least it does if you believe claims emerging in China about the Korean company’s plans for its future Galaxy devices.

Social media posts suggest an anonymous Samsung staffer told reporters: “We will kill the fingerprint [scanner], it’s obsolete.”

While it’s not likely the source is referring to the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+, they could well be talking about next–generation devices such as the Galaxy Note 8, due later this year.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are set to feature iris and facial recognition tech, with the latter apparently capable of recognising and unlocking a handset in just 0.01 seconds.

A fingerprint scanner can be found on the rear of both handsets.

If Samsung does decide to make a break and switch to facial recognition, it could have major implications for contactless payment tools, including its own Samsung Pay.

A quick fingerprint scan certainly makes more sense than a facial one when making fast payments in pubs and supermarkets.



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