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  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 selling twice as many as Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S8 selling twice as many as Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S8 close-up hero image

Samsung has revealed that its recently released Galaxy S8 is enjoying an early boom in the weeks after release, selling at almost twice the rate of last year’s Galaxy S7.

In a highly unusual move, the mobile-maker revealed specific figures for its flagship smartphone and told reporters in Korea that the Galaxy S8 had hit the million mark in its home country just 37 days after launch.

That compares with 74 days for the Galaxy S7 and 75 for the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has not said how the S8 is faring globally, although the number of rave reviews it has garnered suggests it’s already on its way to becoming one of 2017’s must–have smartphones.

The news marks a remarkable turnaround for Samsung, which saw its reputation tarnished by last year’s Galaxy Note 7 'exploding batteries' debacle.

Many observers believed it would take it years to recover its position as one of the most trusted brands in mobile.

Samsung is now turning its attention towards the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, flying in the face of rumours that it was preparing to ditch the Note brand in the wake of the scandal.

Expected in September, the new phone is said to have a 6.3–inch screen, iris scanner and feature a series of software tweaks.

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