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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hero render

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8's fingerprint sensor will be on the back of the phone, reports suggest, flying in the face of previous rumours that it would be built into the screen.

However, there's one important difference between it and rear-mounted sensor on the Galaxy S8.

Instead of being right next to the camera lens, as on the S8, it's been moved a little further away.

This should mean the sensor is easier to find, meaning users end up smudging the camera lens a lot less.

The S8 was heavily criticised for the placement of its fingerprint sensor.

The Note 8 news comes from a picture posted to Twitter by Jonathan Endicott, CEO of case-maker Slickwraps.

Of course, it's just a render, so there's no guarantee of its veracity. But it certainly gives us some food for thought.

Accessories-manufacturers often get a handset's specs ahead of its announcement, to ensure their products are compatible with it.

In related news, even if Samsung chooses a rear fingerprint scanner for its next phone, it seems the dream of a fingerprint sensor built into the screen isn't far off.

Chip-maker Qualcomm recently revealed an ultrasonic sensor that can be embedded within a screen.

So while it might not make it into the Galaxy Note 8, we could see it in the Galaxy S9 next year.

The Note 8 is expected to be announced in late August or early September.

Want more Note 8 news? We've collated all the speculation for our rumours round-up.



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