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  5. Samsung Pay could head to rival Android devices

Samsung Pay could head to rival Android devices

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Samsung is said to be in talks with other Android mobile-manufacturers about bringing its Samsung Pay wallet tool to non–Samsung handsets.

Such a move would require Samsung’s competitors to install a specially made chip that allows Samsung Pay to make contactless payments at standard pay terminals, using Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), as well as those fitted with Near Field Communications (NFC).

Rival offerings such as Google Pay and Apple Pay only make use of NFC. MST means Samsung has a potentially greater global reach.

It seems like a stretch to imagine Sony, LG and HTC adopting Samsung's mobile payments tech and incorporating it into their phones.

However, it’s been floated that Samsung could release an accessory equipped with the requisite MST tech, which could be plugged into a phone and used as a wallet.

That would doubtless be a niche and somewhat clunky approach that wouldn’t appeal to a mainstream audience.

In a separate move, Samsung is set to start offering Samsung Pay on its mid–range smartphones.

Samsung Pay has recently added support for Paypal in the US, having launched in the UK back in May.


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