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  5. Galaxy Note 8 available on Samsung upgrade programme

Galaxy Note 8 available on Samsung upgrade programme

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rear

Samsung is offering its new Galaxy Note 8 as part of its wider Samsung Upgrade Programme, allowing users to grab its new device now and upgrade to the next–gen Galaxy phone in 12 months time at no extra cost.

Those keen to snag the new Galaxy Note 8 can sign up to the Samsung Upgrade Programme now. It costs £32.58 per month for 24 months, working out to the same £869 up–front cost for a SIM only handset,

After a year though, those on the scheme can upgrade their Galaxy Note 8 for the next big thing.

This could be whatever Samsung releases in 2018, meaning users will be able to try the most innovative phone around while paying for the cost of one device over a two year period.

Those who sign up to the deal will have to secure a SIM–only contract, with the cost of that being paid on top of the monthly fee for the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung’s new top–end phone is available to pre–order now and comes with 12 megapixel dual lens cameras, a huge 6.3–inch Infinity Display and a beefed up S Pen with a string of smart new new features.



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