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  5. Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours point to design changes

Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours point to design changes

Samsung Galaxy S8 hero front and back

Samsung will tweak the design of its forthcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone, rumours suggest, after users complained that the fingerprint scanner on this year’s Galaxy S8 was awkward to use.

That’s the word from sources in China, who claim Samsung has heeded feedback that the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner's location next to the camera made it hard to reach.

The change will see the Galaxy S9 feature a fingerprint scanner placed beneath the camera, making it easier to use when holding the device one handed.

For months now, Samsung has been rumoured to be exploring the possiblity of embedding a fingerprint scanner within the screen.

However, today's news suggests we'll have to wait for Galaxy Note 9 for this to come to fruition.

The Note 9 isn't due to land until late summer 2018.

The Galaxy S9 is expected to launch early next year, with the smart money on a launch at February’s Mobile World Congress.

With the iPhone X grabbing headlines, Samsung will need to pull out all the stops in order to take the fight to its biggest competitor.


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