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  5. Samsung develops new, fast-charging smartphone battery

Samsung develops new, fast-charging smartphone battery

smartphone charging battery

Samsung has developed a smartphone battery that it claims can be charged up to five times faster than batteries found in current-generation smartphones.

According to the company’s Advanced Institute of Technology, the battery uses a graphene ball material that lasts 45% longer while charging much quicker than standard lithium ion power packs.

Samsung says that it would take its new graphene ball battery just 12 minutes to reach the same charge as a regular battery takes in an hour.

Although the technology has been patented, it’s not yet clear whether Samsung will be bringing it to its smartphones any time soon.

But it’s unlikely that it'll be on board next year’s Galaxy S9 and much rumoured Galaxy Note 9.

However, if Samsung can beat Apple and its other rivals to market with this innovation, it'd give the Korean phone-maker a real advantage over the crop of smartphones with batteries that barely last a day on a single charge.



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