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O2 pay as you go customers can now roll over unused data

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O2 has extended its data rollover scheme to pay as you go customers, allowing them to stash unused data from month to month.

Before now, O2 customers who didn’t use their data allowance in full effectively lost the remaining data at the end of the month. Despite having paid for it already.

What is data rollover? And does your network offer it? Take a look at our guide for the answer.

From 22nd February, however, customers on select O2 Big Bundle plans can roll over all of their unused data into the following month.

There are some caveats, though. Not least that O2 pay as you go customers need to top up before their plan expires and are subject to a cap on how they much they can roll over in any single month.

The Big Bundle priced £15 for 5GB caps the amount you can roll over at 10GB.

Customers on the £25 per month Big Bundle, which bags you 8GB of data per month, limits the amount you can roll over to 16GB.

If you’re on O2’s other pay as you go plans, you don’t qualify for data rollover. But that could well change in future.

O2 stated: “The new initiative gives data hungry customers the chance to have full control over their usage and avoid wasting chunks of precious unused data from that month.

“This way, users can avoid unexpected bills and save more for upcoming data-draining moments such as travelling, festivals or music events.

“To enjoy the full benefits of data rollover, customers simply need to top up before their previous plan expires.”

A range of other networks offer data rollover, but it’s largely restricted to pay-monthly customers.

Sky Mobile’s Roll scheme is perhaps the standout offer of its type, largely because it allows customers to stash as much data as they like and use it whenever they like.

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