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  5. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could charge slower than expected

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could charge slower than expected


Pretty much all of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s specs have already leaked. So you'd think there are no surprises left in store before the phone launches early next month. But you’d be wrong.

Fresh concerns have been raised about the phone’s battery. While the handset is said to offer a healthy 4,000mAh battery (a significant increase on the Note 8’s 3300mAh model), its charging spec could remain unchanged.

Renowned leaked, Ice Universe, is the one raising the issue. He claims to have obtained these specs from a well-placed source.

“The Samsung Note 9’s battery is 4000mAh, but its charging specifications have not improved,” he wrote in a tweet. “Like the S7/S8/S9, the EP-TA200 charger has a maximum power of 10W. This is the slowest charging speed in the world except for iPhone. How long does 4000mAh take?”

In other words, while the higher capacity battery will last longer, because the charger is underpowered, it’ll take an age to actually juice the phone up.

Samsung’s charger could theoretically boost the battery quicker than 10W, but Samsung has chosen to limit its capacity. This is likely to preserve the battery’s lifespan over the years.

One commenter pointed out that the charger capacity is actually 15W, not 10W. But that’s still underpowered when rivals offer speeds of around 18W.

The Note 9 is due to launch on 9th August.


Ice Universe

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