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Apple CEO dismisses claims iPhone XR is a flop

Calls such reports ‘bologna’.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a bullish defence of the iPhone, roundly dismissing claims that the iPhone XR is a flop.

In an interview with U.S. network CNBC in the wake of his shock revelation that Apple was expecting a dip in its profits, Cook said he called, “bologna on that,” to claims that the iPhone XR was a flop.

Citing a previous claim that the iPhone XR had been the bestselling iPhone every day since it launched back in October, Cook sounded a strident tone after a bruising week.

However, he refused to reveal exact sales figures and did say he wanted to see higher sales.

As well as blaming economic conditions in China for Apple’s current malaise, Cook said he was unconcerned about consumers not upgrading, saying he was happy that iPhone owners were keeping their devices for longer.

“I want the customer to be happy. We work for them. And so the important thing is that they're happy. Because if they're happy, they will eventually replace that product with another.”

A new report today has claimed that Apple has slashed iPhone production by a further 10%, as demand for its expensive new handsets wanes.



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