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Apple Music comes to Android tablets

Apple Music Android

Apple Music is now available on Android tablets, a month after the California company rolled out a test version for selected users.

Having posted the new version on the Google Play Store, Apple stated: “Now enjoy Apple Music with an improved experience designed for a wider range of Android devices, including tablets.

"This update also includes various app and performance improvements.”

Android tablets have become an increasingly niche concern in recent years, but Apple’s expansion of its streaming service suggests it still sees them as an important part of its bid to outdo Spotify.

Apple Music’s growth continues apace, with free offers to new users and those signing up for new contracts on certain networks.

The chance to use the platform on Android tablets also means that users can switch between devices easily, something which Spotify has offered for years.

Apple is placing more emphasis on its services in light of hardware sales struggling to match expectations.

A rival to Netflix is expected to launch later this year.


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