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Apple readying multiple new iPads, including new iPad mini


New iPads are coming very soon, reports suggest, with the news that at least two new models will debut this year, including an updated iPad mini.

We’ve heard the iPad mini rumour before. Apple’s tiny tablet has been somewhat neglected of late – it hasn’t been updated since 2015. There’s no word on what features the new model would have.

The other new iPad is a 10-incher with a faster processor. It could be released as early as the spring.

Apple is rumoured to launch an upgraded iPad Pro next year. The Pro was only updated in October, but this new model would boast a laser-powered 3D camera.

That could allow greater augmented reality abilities, an area in which Apple is increasingly interested.

The latest iPad Pro is the first with a USB-C port, which is rumoured to be coming to the iPhone soon.

If this rumour is right, and Apple does debut the laser-powered 3D camera on the next iPad Pro, it seems it would be a good testbed for new features that could make their way to the next range of iPhones.

Source: Bloomberg

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