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Google Assistant comes to Google Maps

Use its features without leaving the Maps app.
Google Assistant Maps

Google Assistant will soon arrive on Google Maps, bringing you the smart assistant’s features without having the leave the Maps app.

That means you can share your ETA, reply to text messages and play music all from within Google Maps on your smartphone.

The feature is coming to Google Maps on both Android and iOS.

Part of Google’s strategy is undoubtedly to increase Google Assistant usage among iPhone owners.

Those with an iPhone might not be downloading Assistant much to supplement iOS’s native digital assistant Siri, but they are big users of Google Maps.

This is a cunning way of Google superseding Siri by giving users these features from within the Maps app.

Google Assistant is also getting some more powers. It will help you manage flights, including checking in and getting a digital boarding pass.

It’s only being tested with US airline United for now, but will come to other major airlines soon.

Google says Assistant is expected to reach 1 billion devices by the end of January, encompassing over 10,000 different models of device from more than 1,000 brands.


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