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iOS 13 to have dark mode and new iPad home screen

iPhone XS side on lock screen hero size

iOS 13 isn’t expected until the autumn, but already we have news of what to expect.

The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system will have a dark mode, which will reduce glare and make it easier on the old peepers. That should be a godsend come those 3am email checks that are all too common.

The next version of Android – Android Q – is also expected to have a system-wide dark mode, which would work in much the same way.

At the moment, only certain apps contain a dark mode, so you have to configure them all individually, which is a bit of a pain.

iOS and Android getting the same features is nothing new.

Last year it was ‘wellness’ features that make you more aware of how much you’re using your phone in a bid to prevent people becoming hooked on their handsets. iOS had ScreenTime while Android got Digital Wellbeing.

iOS 13 is also thought to introduce improvements to CarPlay (Apple’s in-car software) and a new home screen for the iPad. How will this differ from the current iPad home screen? At the moment, it’s anyone’s guess.

Previously we’ve heard that iOS 13 will include a magazine subscription service, original video content and possibly a video game streaming service that would be the “Netflix for games”.



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