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  5. iOS set to support improved SMS tech

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iOS set to support improved SMS tech

imessage iphone hero

Apple is reportedly edging closer to supporting a new text messaging standard, designed to offer a richer experience to those using standard text services.

Rich Communications Services (RCS) are being pioneered by mobile-makers, along with Google and Microsoft, with the aim of succeeding standard SMS functionality. SMS is likely to fall by the wayside as old 2G infrastructure is switched off.

A slide from a presentation to industry body the GSMA has revealed that Apple has “engaged in discussions with the GSMA and Operators about including RCS in iOS.”

Word is that this will mean those receiving texts from iPhones using iMessage on non-Apple devices will be able to enjoy features such as read receipts, group chat and typing indicators.

Currently, none of these features work on texts sent via Messages when using SMS rather than iMessage.

Bringing RCS to iOS seems like a smart move, even if iMessage continues to be Apple’s main method of messaging between iPhones.

The boom in the likes of WhatsApp and other messaging services means SMS is no longer as big as it was. But with RCS, it may yet get a new lease of life in the years ahead.



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