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iPad mini 5 teased within iOS 12.2

New smaller iPad appears to be referenced in hidden code.
ipad mini

Apple’s plans for a next-generation iPad mini appear to have been revealed within the code of its newly released version of iOS 12.

Developer Steve Troughton–Smith, whose carved out a venerable reputation for trawling Apple code in search of plans for new hardware, has found reference to four new iPads, two with 4G and two without.

He believes at least two of these are part of a new iPad mini 5 range. None of the tablets in question come with Face ID functionality, which Apple brought to its iPad Pro range in 2018.

Apple has not updated its iPad mini range for years, and may be hoping that a new, low–cost tablet will help offset disappointing sales of its current iPhone range.

The iPad mini 5 is likely to be cheaper than the very well reviewed iPhone XR.

And while it doesn’t have the same cutting-edge tech, it may prove a good option for those who want easy access to video and web content without the bells and whistles of an iPhone.

A launch date is unclear. But Apple has in the past revealed new iPads in March or April, meaning we may not have to wait long for official confirmation.



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