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iPhone 11 camera details revealed


Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 11 will feature 10-megapixel and 14-megapixel main cameras, with its front–facing effort clocking in at 10 megapixels.

That’s the latest from Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as @OnLeaks, who appears to have a rich source of information about the iPhone 11.

Hemmerstoffer’s information does not stretch to the exact megapixel count for the iPhone 11’s third camera.

Earlier this week, he revealed that Apple is testing a number of different triple lens setups, as seen in a series of leaked renders.

Elsewhere, Apple is said to have decided against ditching its proprietary Lightning connector on the iPhone 11 in favour of USB–C.

iPhone X1 iPhone 11 raja

Many analysts believed it would do so after opting to include the latter standard in its most recent iPad Pro update.

The California company is also said to be reconfiguring the internal design of the iPhone 11, with the aim of boosting battery life.

Leaks this detailed about new iPhones tend not to appear online until well into the year.

However, with sales of the current iPhone range said to be sluggish at best, it seems Apple’s suppliers are happy to slip out plans for next generation devices in a bid to build hype.



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