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  5. iPhone 11 to have better wi-fi connection

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iPhone 11 to have better wi-fi connection

Wi-Fi 6 rumoured to come onboard.
iPhone 11 concept video

We’ve already heard a few whispers about the next iPhone, despite it being a good nine months away from being announced. But this latest one could be one of the biggest improvements over the current crop of Apple handsets: better wi-fi.

The iPhone 11 is rumoured to come with the newest generation of wi-fi, known as Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax, according to analysts Barclays. This will replace the existing Wi-Fi 5 (or 802.11ac), which came out back in 2014.

This should give four times better performance in congested areas like sports stadiums, concert venues and shopping centres. It should also offer 40% higher data speeds thanks to efficient data encoding and better network efficiency. And it’s easier on the phone battery, thanks to the wi-fi radio going to sleep when not connected to a network.

The news should be some compensation to fans annoyed that the next slate of iPhones won’t come with 5G connectivity for faster data speeds when not connected to wi-fi. That’s mooted to arrive in 2020, a full year after its rivals’ smartphones.



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