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  5. LG teases phone with touchless gestures ahead of Mobile World Congress

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LG teases phone with touchless gestures ahead of Mobile World Congress

Look out for it at next month’s trade show.

LG has suggested it will launch a phone that doesn’t need to be touched to be controlled.

It released a teaser video ahead of next month’s Mobile World Congress trade show. The video shows a hand wafting over a piece of paper on which the words “Goodbye touch” appear.

This is followed by the date and location of LG’s press conference at the event in Barcelona.

Its press event takes place on 24th February, the day before Mobile World Congress officially begins.

This isn’t the first time a company has dabbled in these kinds of controls.

Samsung debuted a similar control method called Air Gestures on the Galaxy S4 way back in 2013. The fact that’s not common knowledge shows how successful it was.

Let’s hope LG’s attempt is more sophisticated and – crucially – more useful. At the moment it sounds like a gimmick, but we’ll be happy to be proved wrong.

At MWC, LG is also rumoured to be set to show off a foldable phone, or one that expands in some respect with a second screen (the rumours are a little muddled concerning exactly how it will work).

It will also unveil some 5G phones to be released this year.

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