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LG’s folding phone could fold outwards, patent suggests

A different approach to Samsung’s Galaxy X.
LG folding phone render

Being a major player in the smartphone market, it wouldn’t be a surprise if LG was working on a foldable phone. The firm has already patented lots of names for the phone, including Flex, Foldi, Bendi and Duplex. Could it have multiple foldable phones in the works? If so, at least one of them could fold outwards, according to the latest rumour.

The firm has patented a phone mechanism that folds outwards, instead of inwards like the Samsung Galaxy X. It would use one large screen which folds back on itself, meaning you always have one screen on the front and one on the back.

That would mean you would have to place the phone screen-down on a table, no matter which way you placed it. Which could result in scratches aplenty.

Though it could enable different features. If it took two SIM cards at once, you could use one screen for business calls and one for personal, for example, and just flip the phone over to switch between the two.

The patent also mentions multiple cameras with stereoscopic 3D scanning abilities and a stylus for writing and drawing on screen.

We’d expect to see this at the earliest at smartphone trade show Mobile World Congress, which takes place in February.



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