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  5. ‘Listen in’ security flaw forces Apple to disable Group FaceTime

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‘Listen in’ security flaw forces Apple to disable Group FaceTime

A fix is coming later this week.
iOS 12 facetime group 2

You might find that the Group FaceTime features doesn’t work at the moment on your iPhone. That’s because Apple has disabled it for now while it fixes a major security flaw.

Group FaceTime lets you video call multiple people at once. The security issue lets anyone call an iPhone or Mac computer and listen in through their microphone without them even answering the call.

This is because it added the caller to a FaceTime call before the recipient picked up, tricking your device into thinking it was on an active call. Hence it started transmitting audio.

Apple will issue a software fix later this week. In the meantime, users are advised to disable FaceTime.

Or at least watch what they say if they see an incoming call, even if they don’t answer it.

Group FaceTime is a relatively new feature – it debuted at the end of last year.

It’s already had its share of issues, with a previous security flaw allowing someone to access your contacts direct from the lock screen.

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