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Moto Z4 Play leak shows off plans for sleek new device

Updated smartphone could support 5G, too.

Motorola’s forthcoming Moto Z4 Play has appeared in a wide–ranging leak, giving us a clear look at the mobile maker’s next top–end device.

Images based on blueprints for the handset suggest it will feature a ‘water drop’ notch design, with a 6.2–inch display, old–school 3.5mm headphone slot and single lens cameras on both the front and back.

Most interesting of all, however, is the support for Motorola Mods.

This means that the Z4 Play can be upgraded to a 5G handset with the addition of a dedicated rear cover, which slots over the contact points on the back of the device.

Moto Z4 Play render 2

With no physical fingerprint scanner in evidence, it seems the Moto Z4 Play will also come with an in–screen fingerprint scanner.

This will put it up against OnePlus’s 6T, as well as the imminent Galaxy S10 from Samsung.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but some tech-watchers believe the Moto Z4 Play could go on sale in April.



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